Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We were very fortunate here at home and were not too affected by hurricane Sandy.  We had high winds and there were some power outages but we had our power all night and this morning. 

Based on the news here, that cannot be said for NYC and New Jersey.  This photo was taken in June of Lower Manhattan from Hoboken New Jersey.  We were there for a family vacation.  It was 40 degrees celcius that day! We had a great time. 

Thinking of those affected there today! 
hh&h xx

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy & Such

The weather is quite rainy and windy here...its all from the hurricane named "Sandy" that is making its way currently to New York City.  Here in Canada, we should expect 3 inches of rain and high winds up to 100 km per hour overnight and into Tuesday.  Today it is looking gloomy from the office window...

What better way to deal with the windy, cold and rainy weather?  Well to crochet of course :D
So I will continue on my bunting and maybe do a couple of grannies.
I am also reading this book...its been a great read so far. 
I recently also read "Unglued" by Lysa TerKeurst which is fantastic.
I gave up on Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. I just couldn't get into it. I have to give it another go and try to get through it.
Happy Monday Everyone
Rain or shine...it is still a fantastic day :)
hh&h xx

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn View and Crochet

The colours of Autumn seem to be diminishing as the leaves fall from the trees.  This view has now lost its lustre but we were able to capture it with our "guard" dog in the picture.    Thats our Benji who doesn't want to miss anything.

I continue to work on the bunting for my daughter's room at Uni.  I decided to spell out Merry Christmas with it now so I will need to do quite a few more.
Since I have to have many things on the go, I have started some granny squares to eventually be an blanket.  This is the first time I have really tried my hand at them and they are fun to make.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday Tallies One Day Late

Hello All
Due to a day of fighing the flu, I missed posting for One a Day, Tuesday's Tallies as referenced on Gingerbread Girl's blog.

So I am doing it today...

It has been quite a busy week of crocheting for me.  I finished the cowl below for my daughter and was quite please with how easy it was to do. 

I went out and loaded up on yarn in an array of fine colours to start my newest project which is a holiday bunting for my daughter who attends Uni in the UK.  It is to decorate her hearth in December.  Thank you to Attic 24 for the inspiration for this project. 

The start of the bunting
Then in the meantime we were given the news that a family member gave birth to a preemie at 29 weeks.  He is doing fine and will be okay.  He is only 3 lbs.  So I just had to stop and make something for the little one.  I am sending this off to Australia this week...
So I had quite a bit to post and will continue to work on the bunting. 
Until next week Ladies :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yarn Joy

So today I was browsing through the local craft store flyer to find that all their yarn is on sale!  Yes pure joy!  So excited to say the least.  So off I went over the noon hour and bought just enough to start a new project.

I thought it would best if I had some sort of a plan of what I will make in the coming months before filling up my basket in the store.

Since the cooler temps have arrived, I will be making a cowl for my daughter.  She asked if I could make her one and had described it as longer and being able to double it up around her neck....well it just happened I had recently come upon this pattern Soft Stitch Cowl posted so kindly by Crochet in Color. 

Here is the colour I have chosen for the cowl
I will post my progress in the coming days..

Oh and I have decided to be part of  Tuesday's Tallies.  What better way to work on a large project than to do one piece one day at a time.  To be encouraged by others and see such wonderful projects being created. 

I think I will be trying my hand at doing hexagons in order to make an afghan.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks for dropping in..

PS just adding in the book I am currenlty reading...just started so too early for a review

Monday, October 8, 2012


Well  I have finally decided after many sleepless nights to start writing my thoughts...what better place to start than with blogging.  So here it goes...

I made a promise to my English Nan that I would one day to learn to knit and crochet.  Along with my daughter, we went to a knitting beginner class.  We quite enjoyed it.  But I discovered after awhile and many attempts at projects that my passion is crocheting. 

When I was young, my Nan had taught me how to crochet by starting with the chain stitch.  I would crochet so tightly I couldn't get past the chain portion to add rows.

Nan and I in Florida many years ago

After reading many books, watching videos online and hoping that from Heaven, Nan would guide my hands (I think this may be the answer after all)  I have made only a few things. 
My first an afghan (I aimed high) that was so misshapen that it would not fold into a nice square.  But I still am proud of it. 

After inspiration from Attic 24 I made this kitchen rug. I love bright colours so what better way than to infuse colours as in rows. 

A fine burst of colour in the rug makes me happy
In Canada it is Autumn and today is Thanksgiving Day.  We give thanks for the love of family and for our good health.  The leaves on trees are changing and its a glorious scene of colour everywhere.

A maple changing to a glorious red