Autumn View and Crochet

The colours of Autumn seem to be diminishing as the leaves fall from the trees.  This view has now lost its lustre but we were able to capture it with our "guard" dog in the picture.    Thats our Benji who doesn't want to miss anything.

I continue to work on the bunting for my daughter's room at Uni.  I decided to spell out Merry Christmas with it now so I will need to do quite a few more.
Since I have to have many things on the go, I have started some granny squares to eventually be an blanket.  This is the first time I have really tried my hand at them and they are fun to make.


  1. What a cute doggy.
    I like the colours that you are using on both your projects.

  2. Thank you All4MeggyMoo :) Attic 24 inspires me with all the colour she uses in her projects.

  3. Love the colours of your granny squares. I've started a blanket for my todler but it looks like it never ends. ;)


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