Well  I have finally decided after many sleepless nights to start writing my thoughts...what better place to start than with blogging.  So here it goes...

I made a promise to my English Nan that I would one day to learn to knit and crochet.  Along with my daughter, we went to a knitting beginner class.  We quite enjoyed it.  But I discovered after awhile and many attempts at projects that my passion is crocheting. 

When I was young, my Nan had taught me how to crochet by starting with the chain stitch.  I would crochet so tightly I couldn't get past the chain portion to add rows.

Nan and I in Florida many years ago

After reading many books, watching videos online and hoping that from Heaven, Nan would guide my hands (I think this may be the answer after all)  I have made only a few things. 
My first an afghan (I aimed high) that was so misshapen that it would not fold into a nice square.  But I still am proud of it. 

After inspiration from Attic 24 I made this kitchen rug. I love bright colours so what better way than to infuse colours as in rows. 

A fine burst of colour in the rug makes me happy
In Canada it is Autumn and today is Thanksgiving Day.  We give thanks for the love of family and for our good health.  The leaves on trees are changing and its a glorious scene of colour everywhere.

A maple changing to a glorious red


  1. Welcome to the very lovely blogging community Heather!
    Victoria xx

  2. I like you decided after thinking the thoughts, decided to write the thoughts down, and very satisfying it is too. Especially with photos to explain the feelings. Your rug looks so colourful and inviting. Take care. Chel XX


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