Sandy & Such

The weather is quite rainy and windy here...its all from the hurricane named "Sandy" that is making its way currently to New York City.  Here in Canada, we should expect 3 inches of rain and high winds up to 100 km per hour overnight and into Tuesday.  Today it is looking gloomy from the office window...

What better way to deal with the windy, cold and rainy weather?  Well to crochet of course :D
So I will continue on my bunting and maybe do a couple of grannies.
I am also reading this book...its been a great read so far. 
I recently also read "Unglued" by Lysa TerKeurst which is fantastic.
I gave up on Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. I just couldn't get into it. I have to give it another go and try to get through it.
Happy Monday Everyone
Rain or is still a fantastic day :)
hh&h xx


  1. It's pretty dull and grey here too. Thank you for the book recommendations, I love reading and it's always nice when someone lets you know about a really good book. I've just finished 'the secrets between us' by Louise Douglas and it was fab!
    Victoria xx

    1. Oh I looked it up here and its only in the UK "The Secrets Between Us" My daughter goes to Uni there so perhaps she can pick it up for me.
      Thanks for the recommendation.


  2. I have a casual vacancy to read but I'm not hearing good things about it. I hope your not too effected by the horrible weather over there.

  3. Yes same here on the Casual Vacancy. I want to give it a chance though.
    It still hasn't hit us here yet and shouldn't be until overnight. So we are just finishing our work day over here and its gloomy but not yet windy or rainy heavily. Fingers crossed the power stays on


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