Snow, hearts & owls

 Hello Friends,
I figured it was about time I blogged again! We have had some wintry weather here in Canada.  "Of course Heather, you live in Canada for goodness sake!"  Yes well even though we are in what some call the Great White North in North America we don't always have a lot of snow in Ontario.  But a week ago we had about 25 cm in our town.  Eventhough it creates chaos for driving and getting around, what a beautiful scene it was when you look at the evergreen tree branches holding the fresh fallen snow.  It is indeed beautiful. 

This week was Valentine's Day of course and I received a lovely card and gift card for the bookstore (best gift ever!!) from my husband. 

Now for some crochet chatter! 
I have been very busy lately with some owl cushion making.  Thank you to the zoomyummy blog where I purchased the pattern.  I have other owls in the works as well. 


I have my sights set on some bunny cushions as well for Easter coming.  Also some baby slippers shaped like bunnies.  It should be a hopping good time!  (sorry couldn't resist that one)
Friends, have a great weekend and a great week ahead!!


  1. Your shots of the snow are beautiful. We only got a measly amount compared to you and the rain has washed it all away now leaving behind...spring! I love the owls and will head over to the site you mentioned to take a look. Take care. Chel


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