Being Still...

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe it is already 12 days into 2013. It has been good so far. I have been into a new crochet project and will reveal once I get it looking somewhat presentable.

I have been trying to take time to be still this year. This world we live in is just so fast paced with every means of communication. You can't have a moment to breathe.

So for this year, I have made the decision to take time out to be still. Whether sitting or laying down, I have been just closing my eyes and letting my mind go blank if only for a minute or so (until the dog barks or the doorbell rings - haha).

Then I get back into my crocheting and watching my shows I love to watch. But that moment of stillness lets me have a moment to clear my head and take a breath. Its an attempt anyway.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I agree with you that the world is too fast paced now, and it is now necessary to take advantage of those precious few minutes to take stock and then move on to the next thing. Have a great weekend x


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