Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013

Hoping it will be year of blessings for you all!
Over the holidays I decided that I needed to make our pup a sweater of sorts.
Here in Canada the snow is staying on the ground and she gets quite chilled out there to do her business.
So here is Phoebe with her newly finished sweater.  It is a bit big for her but she is our old girl who is thin. 
I found the pattern here from the My Savannah Cottage blog. 
Next project I think will be both geared to Valentine's Day.  Which I am not a big fan of and think its a marketing ploy to gain sales.  I know, where is the romantic in me?  At any rate there may be some puffed hearts being made shortly.  Then I have a new pattern I came across on Ravelry to make a bunny pillow.  Stay tuned...

Again, tons of blessings to you all for 2013


  1. Love Phoebe's sweater! She must be very cozy and warm now.

    Wishing you a new year filled with joy and creativity...oh and lots of good books too. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~


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