It is so terribly cold here in South Western Ontario, Canada today.  It is -26 C with the windchill. 

It is so cold that when you start the car it even groans! 

I am so thankful for the heat in my car and in my home.  I am blessed to know that with the ravage of this cold, I can seek shelter in my home and with my family.  Keeping warm and feeling loved.  Missing my girl that is in the UK at Uni is bittersweet.  She makes us proud with her studies and working so hard to accomplish so much and thankful she isn't enduring these frigid temps but just enjoying a helping of fresh fallen snow which actually is like a blanket of the warmth of home. 

Friends, I have been busy crocheting and haven't taken the moment to take a pic but I will soon. 

Keep warm everyone both here and across the pond! 

Blessings xx